What I Do

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Modern. Hybrid. Scoring.

Latest album, Cinematic Synergy, features a mix of electronic, ambient, and inspirational music. Licensing my existing music is easy →Contact Me. New tracks out now →SoundCloud. Check out my innovative relaxation music for stress management or lack of energy →Timing Within.
  • Tough Mudder - Portfolio Holly Dreamer
  • EDS Portfolio 1
  • Mysterious Productions - Josh Norbido Magic small
  • Timing Within - Intro Video Music - Bruno B

Who I Am

Every once in a while, I sit down to play and it makes me forget to eat, completely losing sense of time. Electronic, cinematic, and meditation… these are my passions in music. I'm always looking for new ideas, so email me anytime.

In many ways electronic music is far more intimate than other forms of music. Familiar instruments rarely challenge the listener. I create emotional hyperrealities that challenge our musical expectations.

Electronic Composer

Bruno Batista is a composer and music producer also known by his artist name Bruno B. Instruments: Computer, piano. Bio